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The Fastest Gun Shooting Game

Stickman Gun Shooter is the fastest shooting game which is in fact a real thrilled adventure. You would really need to put your reflexes to test in order to survive in the game or be killed.

Stickman Gun Shooting can be an exciting speed game experience for you if you are bored to play slow motion games. It is full of joy and challenging enough to keep up the pace.

All you need to do is to shoot enemies coming from left and right – top, middle and bottom positions just all of a sudden. You have got three chances before it comes to an end!


- Have a personal essence by customizing look and feel
- You can change cap/hat
- You can have different face style
- You may choose from a variety of goggles
- Put on a nice outfit
- Choose an environment to play

Challenge your friends for a high score today!

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